Nike Sneakerboots
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Nike Sneakerboots

Villains of Winter

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Created with the talented people at Leviathan for a obstacle course type event in Shanghai that featured these shoe, built entirely in 3D in C4D with comp elements like ice, rain, and snow. My responsibilities included taking still frames and models and bringing them to life in C4D my lighting, texturing, animating, and rendering. all at 3600px x 1080px @60FPS. From there we comped the entire spot in After Effects adding in footage of elements like rain, snow, ice, fog, etc.
Some shots that I was primarily responsible for include the triangle tile shots and the end zoom in/out shot resolving on the product with the red spikey pyramid stuck in the street with rain and snow raging while the Sneakerboot stays warm and dry.

Studio: Leviathan
Executive Creative Director: Jason White
Executive Producer: Chad Hutson
Lead Designers: Alexis Copeland, Krzys Pianko
Design and Animation: Brody Davis, Krzys Pianko, Spencer Seibert, Alexis Copeland
Editor: Kirill Mazor
Music & Sound Design: Joel Corelitz, Waveplant