Jeep Renegade
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Jeep Renegade

Release Your Renegase

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​​​​​​​Working with the team at Sarofsky and DDB Chicago I helped design, animate, and composite shots for the Jeep Release Your Renegade campaign. These spots highlighted young, creative, up-and-coming, female performers that embodied the spirit of the Jeep Renegade experience. This spot utilized a double exposure technique with each spot set in a unique location EMPHASIZING that performers personal voice.
The focus of my efforts were primarily in the Uri Grey spot. Each spot has a unique, yet unified voice that highlight performers Halsey, Molly Kate Kestner, Uri Grey, and Chloe Nixon.

Studio: Sarofsky
Director: Erin Sarofsky
Executive Producer: Steven Anderson
Lead Designers: Duarte Elvas, Tnaya Witmer, John Filipkowski, Dan Tiffany
Design and Animation: Brody Davis, Josh Smiertka, Brent Austin, Chas Fries, Spencer Seibert, Jeff McBride, Zach Landua, Taylor Thorne, Shelby Kulish
Editor: Jerem Sloan
Music: Uri Grey