Niki & The Dove
project name

Niki & The Dove

The Fox

  • Client:

    Sub Pop

  • Role:

    Design/3D R&D/Animator/Lighting/Texturing/Compositing

This music video was completed for Sub Pop to promote Niki & and the Dove’s new studio album; Instinct. The music video was very well received, having been featured on Motionographer, Stash (issue 91), Vimeo Staff Pick, Screened at SxSW, and many other blogs, walls, and feeds. It continues to be well reviewed and is currently approaching one million views on You Tube.
The entire project was designed, modeled, lit, animated, comped, and colored by a team of two including myself, with a turnaround of 6 weeks from first concept to final delivery. My main role was to develop a method by which all of the nature environments could be digitally created. (The spot is 99.9% 3D generated content, only a few of the clouds were actual footage) I did this by utilizing E-On’s Vue for Maya which helped us create very photorealistic images within our tight timeline.